Stay ON the world-famous "Las Vegas strip"

Las Vegas continues to be one of the top travel destinations in the country. Trip Sports provides an opportunity for basketball teams to travel to Las Vegas by competing in the Las Vegas Hoopla. This event has quickly become one of our most popular events as participants are able to experience the world-famous Las Vegas Strip!

The official hotel for the Las Vegas Hoopla is the Paris Resort. This beautiful property offers you all of the luxury you would expect and value you simply cannot ignore. Its ideal location offers immediate access to all of the action, excitement and entertainment of the world‐famous Las Vegas Strip.

Do not underestimate the value of staying on the strip. Most other Vegas basketball events have you stay off-strip and rely on a shuttle ride to get to all the attractions. Trip Sports firmly believes that this degrades your overall experience. On a trip to Las Vegas, you are going to walk around and explore many, many times during your stay. Trust us, you don’t want to take a shuttle ride every time and you certainly don’t want to experience the shuttle wait times.

Event Details At-A-Glance

Event Location

The Las Vegas Hoopla takes place in exciting Las Vegas, NV.

Game information

Each team receives two games in the event. The Las Vegas Hoopla is open to men’s and women’s teams that compete in  NCAA Div. II, NCAA Div. III, NAIA Div. I, and NAIA Div. II. All practices and games take place at the Centennial Hills Community Center.

Official Hotel

The Paris Resort is the official hotel for the Las Vegas Hoopla. The hotel is conveniently located on the world-famous Las Vegas strip. It is within walking distance of restaurants, entertainment options, shopping, and more.

Future Dates

NCAA Div. II Teams:     Dec. 15-19, 2020

NCAA Div. III and NAIA Teams: Dec. 18-23, 2020

Generally, teams have the flexibility to adjust the dates by a day on either end. Contact Trip Sports for more information on adjusting the dates.

Package Includes

  • Round-trip bus transfers to/from airport

  • Round-trip bus transfers to/from gym

  • Lodging at the official hotel

  • Breakfast every morning except departure day

  • Event shirts for all members of your team party

  • All basketball activities (practice / games)

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