Improving the team travel experience.

Eliminate the headaches and stress of planning your team trip. Trip Sports is ready to help you with whatever you need, including a full, turn-key trip.

Free up your time.

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  • Airline Tickets
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Key Benefits

  • Free up your time​

    It takes a lot of time to research where to go, where to stay, which hotels, calling airlines for rates, etc. We free up your time by handling all of these items for you.

  • Utilize our knowledge & experience

    We have been organizing team travel for over 20 years. Trip Sports has the knowledge & experience to arrange a great trip for your team.

  • We manage the process

    Booking flights and hotels is often a cumbersome process. We track key dates and work with you to ensure all deadlines are met.

  • When vendors compete, you win!

    It's important to negotiate with vendors to get the best price. We take care of this for you by negotiating with all applicable vendors on your behalf.

  • State-of-the-art Digital Platform

    Our platform manages all aspects of your team travel. This includes things like roster management, rooming lists, complete travel itineraries, and much more.

  • Share info with parents

    We make it easy for you to communicate the trip details to parents. You choose what information to share with them, including updates as things develop.

Details on the services we provide

How to get started

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Once logged in to our site, you can access your account and trips, submit travel requests, and access your previous requests. These options are available to you from the menu activated by the user icon.

When the "submit travel request" page loads, the form will ask you for some basic information. Depending on your selection(s), the form will grow and request additional information.
We will present you with proposals based on your request. If necessary, this is your opportunity to request revisions or clarifications for your trip.

Nothing will be booked or confirmed until we receive confirmation from you.
Once everything is to your liking, you notify us that you wish to move forward with the respective proposal(s). At that time, Trip Sports will begin to secure and confirm the approved aspects of your travel request.

Note: Certain aspects of your travel request may require a contract to the benefit of all parties.

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