Improving the team travel experience.

Eliminate the headaches and stress of planning your team trip. Trip Sports is ready to help you with whatever you need, including a full, turn-key trip.

Free up your time.

Ft. Lauderdale
Ft. Lauderdale
Las Vegas

Great Destinations

The typical hassles of planning travel – researching where to stay, reserving hotel rooms, arranging ground transporation, etc. – are all taken care of for you.

It all starts with picking great destinations that excite your players and fan base.

First-Class Hotels

At each destination, we have chosen hotels that offer almost everything you need within walking distance. This includes restaurants, shopping, entertainment options, and attractions.

The value of having everything within walking distance should not be underestimated. Perhaps the biggest advantage is knowing your players can feed and entertain themselves in a safe environment.

Travel by Motorcoach

When your trip actually arrives, you will travel with peace of mind knowing that Trip Sports is ready to assist you in the event of any travel mishaps.

Even better, you will be greeted at the destination airport and quickly whisked away by a waiting motorcoach. There is no waiting while assistant coaches pick up rental vans.

Staff on site

Our staff is also on site at the official event hotel. We work with the hotel staff to make sure your rooms are ready as soon as possible. In addition, should you have any issues with the hotel or need assistance in general, our staff is there to assist you.

Basketball First

We are not a “travel agency” that thinks of the games as an afterthought. Basketball is our priority and we strive to schedule the most competive games possible.

We can’t guarantee you wins, but you can be assured that we will work hard to create as fair a schedule as possible for everyone.


Just as important as scheduling games is the actual operation of the games. Our management has decades of experience running college basketball games.

We know how to organize and run a quality event and work extremely hard to provide a great experience for your team.

Digital Platform

We have developed our own travel platform for our events. It is the go-to information source for all our events.

Through your account on our platform, you can manage all aspects of your team travel. This includes things like roster management, rooming lists, complete travel itineraries, and much more.

You can access your account from your mobile device, putting all information at your fingertips.


Our travel platform also makes it easy for you to communicate the trip details to parents. You choose what information to share with them, including updates as things develop.

Travel Package

Participating teams are required to utilize our standard package as outlined below. As noted, we can also assist with some additional options

The “Included Features” listed below are part of our events and are provided to all participants (no charge).

Standard Package

optional items

INCLUDED features

The only unfortunate thing about our trips is that they do come at a cost. However, we work hard on every event to keep our rates as low as possible.

While you can make trips on your own at less cost, we believe the services we are providing and experiences we are making possible are well worth it.

For pricing information, please contact us via email or telephone.

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We apologize for the inconvenience.